Q: How are the CPUs tested for stability?
A: CPUs are tested with no disabled cache(s) under our tried and tested 4 hour custom test loops developed by Gen-X Tech Computers. The test loop consists of Winbench, Unreal, Quake3 and Stability Test. Prime95 testing is available at $25. CPUs temperature is also monitored during the loops with external probe and temperature higher than 45C is not accepted by our Quality Control.

Q: What is the voltage used in your tests?
A: Voltage used depends on the CPU, Intel CPUs in general are tested at 1.80 to 1.85V and AMD CPUs in general are tested at 1.85 to 2.0V.

Q: How are motherboards tested?
A: Motherboards are tested at 150MHz Front Side Bus to ensure stability for high overclocking capabilities. Floppy, IDEs and PS2s ports are also tested for quality assurance and eliminates the chance of getting a temperamental motherboard.

Q: I can find lower prices on PriceWatch and other sites. Why the higher cost for your parts?
A: As stated above, all our overclocked friendly parts are pre-tested and guaranteed to run stable at overclocked setting. Our prices reflects the labor cost involved to Pre-test and provide trouble free overclockable products. We test them out so you don’t have to: To some this is a luxury, but to most it is a time saver.

Q: What is the turnaround time for shipping?
A: Shipping time is 24 to 48 hours after order is processed for normal orders. For orders requesting testing under Prime95, turnaround time is 48 to 72 hours.

Q: I am interested in a complete overclocked system with warranty, how do I go about ordering?
A: Complete overclocked system and barebone with warranty is available at www.genxtechcomp.com. You can configured your own system or Gen-X Tech Computers can provide recommendation for your system.

Q: What is the relationship of OverclockWarehouse with Gen-X Tech Computers?
A: Since 1996, Gen-X Tech Computers has been providing the Overclocked Community with Guaranteed Overclocked CPUs and Systems but was unable to provide a large selection of overclocked friendly parts due to lack of resources and manpower. OverclockWarehouse was created to fulfill this need and let Gen-X Tech Computers concentrate on providing cutting edge overclocked CPUs and systems.

Q: FedEx shipping costs are higher than UPS’s. Why is UPS service not available?
A: With years of dealing with shipping problems, we find that even though FedEx costs a little more it is faster and safer. We have fewer damaged or lost packages with FedEx as compare to UPS. FedEx is also a lot faster and more effecient with filing and settling a claim. The way we see it, a little higher cost for safer and faster service is far better than having to deal with a damaged or lost package that requires a longer time frame for replacement.

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