Check This Game Cheat Out

Hello everyone we are sharing today a awesome website for those of you that are fans of f Pocket Mortys. Click here to check it out. Its a cheat for the game that lets you get any number of points in the game. The game is very hard to get all those resources but with this cheat you will get them instantly. Its so nice not have to grind and farm for weeks and weeks just to get a couple of resources. This is a limited time offer so you will want to get on this really quick and check it out today.

For those of you that do not know. Pocket Morty’s is a mobile game based on the very popular Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty. In the game you go around and collect Mortys. It is a parody of all the Pokemon games.

With your resources you can buy custom outifts and more things to help you catch more and even rarer Mortys. We have been using the cheat for several weeks now, and it was improved the game 10 fold. We would never play the game again without.

Like most mobile games in this day and age, you have to pay to get anywhere. In a recent study they found that these free games actualy end up costing you more then you think. Not only do they cost you actually money and dollars. They waste away your time.

That is why I really love this cheat. It saves you

1. Money

2. Time

Which money and time are two of the most precious things in life you have. So if you are given the chance to save both, why would you miss out on it! Wasiting weeks and weeks trying to grind 1,000 points would suck. Spending $25 that you worked hard for, just to get 500 points would suck. But if you don’t spend that time or money (Sometmes even both) Then you can’t play the game against people.

Why does it seem that everyone else in the game has so much better stuff then you? Do they play more? Or do they pay more? It could be both. Or it could be FAKE accounts, Think about it. If you keep losing over and over again what would you do?

You would pay to win. Which is all what mobile games are.


I would like to thank the people that made this website, Making it possible to enjoy playing the game without having to waste my time or waste my money.

Cryptocurrencies and You

Hello everyone, today we are going to be talking about cryptocurrencies. I’d like to start off this post with a huge thanks to a post on how to buy ripple with credit card. Thanks to this post not only was I able to buy ripple but I was able to buy all other cryptocurrencies out there.

I made it my goal for this year to buy handful of a bunch of difference cryptocurrencies and see where it would take me. After the huge December that all the cryptocurrencies had, I figured better late then never to get on in this. So I did a lot of research and figured out how to buy cryptocurrencies and what ones to invest it.

My basic plan was:

  1. Learn How To Purchase These cryptocurrencies
  2. Study Which Ones To Buy
  3. Wait

Seems like a pretty straight forward plan, but it gets more complicated as we go down the list. First was learning how to purchase everything. I have to say, and after reading online, a lot of people agree. Buying cryptocurrencies is hard! All the hoops you have to jump through and all the waiting you have to do. So I spent several days trying to figure out the easiest, and most cost efficient way to buy cryptocurrencies. That came down to, buying Ethereum on CoinBase, and moving it over to Binance.

Next on my great plan was studying. I wanted to make sure I actually picked decent cryptocurrencies to invest in, I wasn’t just going to pick a random handful of them and be like “Hope this works”.

For almost all of my research I used, CoinMarketCap. The main thing I focused on was Price and The Circulating Supply. I wanted to be able to buy a lot of the coins, so I wasn’t going to go out and Bitcion, Ethereum EOS ect. I wanted to be able to buy 10s of 100s of the same coin.

So If I was going to spend $200 on different coins I could get 20 different coins and put $10 in each or do only 10 coins and buy $20 each. I actaully decide to mix the two together and do 10 coins and $10 each. So I was hoping to get 10s or 100s of each coin. So The price of the coin would have to be between, $0.50 each and $0.05 each. So that is where I started. Anything below $0.05 to start with. But there is also another thing I paid attention to. The circulating supply.

A low price and low supply like Substratum, current price $0.43 supply 383,021,000.

We are going to see how this plays out for me. Below is a list of all the coins that I bought and at what price we will see how it goes next month!


Substratum @ $0.437269 (22)

MaidSafeCoin @ $0.422934 (23)

Syscoin @ $0.383351 (25)

Loom Network @ $0.406633 (24)

CyberMiles @ $0.300612 (31)

Centrality @ $0.212085 (45)

Ardor @ $0.257818 (38)

Nxt @ $0.138970 (71)

BitShares @ $0.205076 (47)

So these are the ten coin that I will be holding onto until December no mater what. Will see what happens. Worst case I’m out $100 best case, I don’t lose any money, amazing case, I actually make money. But that is not what I’m doing this for, I’m only doing this as an experiment, I’m not expecting to come out of this making any money.